Molcajetes y Metates

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This two utensils have been par of the Mexican culture since the Pre-hispanic Era. They are one of the last ones still being used in our everyday cuisine because of the particular flavor they give to our food, specially to Mexican salsa. The Molcajetes and Metates are made of volcanic stone on a small village called San Lucas Evangelista, Jalisco. Adrian and his brother Chuy are the artisans behind this technique, they learned the technique from his father Don Chuy, who has been practicing it for a long time. You can use Molcajetes and Metates in the kitchen and they can be made in different sizes.

Instructions for preparing the Molcajete and Metate.

1. Rinse thoroughly with water and scrub with a hard cleaning brush for a while.
2. Take a handful of uncooked rice and place it in the Molcajete (Mortar), begin to grind with the Tejolote (Pestel).
3. Try to cover the entire area where the food will have contact, fill every hole with rice.
4. This process is performed until all the rice is grounded, the surface covered and the small pieces of rice that are coming out are completely white. If necessary you can throw rise away and fill in with new one as many times as you consider until the requirements are met.
5. Rise thoroughly with water, without scrubbing and it is ready to use.