TEKITI offers a great variety of handmade techniques made by regional artisans; from where clients can choose and develop a special project or product. We invite you to explore our catalogue of techniques in the corresponding section of our web page. We have some products developed specially for hotels and restaurants, contact us and we will send you the catalogue with this products.
Currently we have not developed this business model but we are open to hear proposals and ideas. However, there are some products available in Amazon Mexico, visit the website to make your purchase.
Our main alliances are with companies that want to develop a particular idea or project to incorporate handmade mexican experiences to their product or service, with the aim of adding value to their business. Through Amazon, we also offer #TEKITIatHome for clients that look for single pieces or one time purchases to incorporate artisanal products to their homes. If you are willing to buy some of our products you can do it here: Amazon.com.
Contact us! We can help you customize artisanal products as long as they that meet a minimum volume purchase for each technique. Our way of working is hand by hand with the client, developing customized projects that adapt to particular ideas, budgets and needs of each customer. We offer advice, guidance and follow-up to ensure that each idea materializes. If you have any idea you want to develop, do not hesitate on writing us throughout: contacto@tekiti.mx.
We work closely with them to communicate what the final client wants; we help them adapt their products based on the technique, to deliver on time and with the requirements and quality needed. At the same time we provide them advice on specific topics to help them structure their businesses; this is possible through MEXIKATEKATL.
Yes, with an extra charge, TEKITI can send any piece worldwide.
Please fill the information form found in the section of contact. That way we can know more about your work and the technique, and analyze how can we incorporate your products to our work scheme. For business advice please look for us through MEXIKATEKATL.